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Artist Bio:
In my youth, my mother taught me to appreciate nature.  She delighted in beautiful sunsets.  She'd point out large, cumulus clouds, blowing softly against a backdrop of vivid, blue sky.  "Aren't they lovely?" she would say, as though it was the first time she'd ever seen them.  We'd grown up in Gloucester, an island off the Massachusetts coast, where there was no shortage of extraordinary shoreline to inspire and delight the senses.  I would spend other years in Bermuda, California, Portsmouth and New Castle, New Hampshire, all lovely places, also surrounded by the sea.  The salty, tangy smell of the ocean, the pounding of the surf, the glistening sunlight dancing across the waters, all beckoned to me on a regular basis.  It was hypnotic, and to this day, it's where I'm most at peace.  Small wonder, I'm drawn to seascapes.  
I don't know when I didn't love art.  Paintings intrigue me.  I've visited fine art museums in Boston, New York City, Paris, Washington DC, and lesser-known galleries in much of the United States. It still amazes me how fresh, and dewy the complexions look on portraits that were painted in the 1500's.  "How did they do that?" I mused.  I'd had no formal training. 
Marriage and three children took up much of my earlier life, but the "spark for art" never diminished.  I decided to take painting lessons in the two mediums that most interested me.  Accomplished artist, Patricia Francoeur, was my mentor for oils; she taught me much, for which I am grateful.  Nationally award-winning artist, Robert Steedman, of Portsmouth, gave me a foundation in watercolor.  His tutelage was extremely helpful.
Southern Maine is where I make my home with my husband and son.  It's a beautiful location for any artist to "draw" from.
Member, Great Bay Art Association